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Coming up in S5E2: An interview from the archives!

Hello listeners! This week we’re bringing you an episode featuring Ozzie Zehner, author of Green Illusions and subject of my very first Green Grid interview back in 2013.


Ozzie Zehner. Photo from

Though this piece has been sitting in our archives for a few years, don’t worry — it’s aged gracefully. The discussion of energy production versus energy reduction is still fascinating, and you’ll hear how revisiting this conversation recently helped me shake off some environmental ennui. You will also hear what Swedish children’s television sounded like in 1970.

The episode will be released this Thursday May 7 on iTunes, at Soundcloud, and right here on this very blog.

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Coming up in S5E1: Green Grid Radio Collaboration with Making Contact

Green Grid Radio will be back on air this Wednesday, March 25 for an episode about coffee, produced in collaboration with Making Contact, a social justice radio program.

This 3-segment episode follows the coffee bean from production to trade to consumption, sharing untold stories that might cast a dark shadow on your cup of dark roast.

Making Contact producer Jennifer Dunn ventures into the interior of Colombia to talk to coffee farmers about the struggles they face as vulnerable actors in an international play. I (Mallory) report on fair trade, discussing the controversial split in the movement that some say has jeopardized the very purpose of fair trade. And finally, Making Contact producer Laura Flynn explores a waste facility to find out what happens to Keurig’s plastic K-cups when we throw them away.

This episode will be played on radio stations at various times this week. Keep an eye out for the link to live stream this special collaboration, which we will post here soon! And as always, the show will be available on our iTunes podcast shortly thereafter.

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Coming up in S3E8: One Nation, Under Meat: The American Dream Strikes Back

This Thursday, we’ll dive back in right where we left off last week in our discussion of meat production and food systems.  While the first hour of this two-part series diagnosed some of the symptoms of our failing meat industry, the next hour will explore food on a broader level: How did we get here? What are the barriers that prevent meaningful reform? Does the world food economy suffer from the same flaws that plague us here in the U.S.? What can each of us do to provoke change?

S3E8: We Meat Again: A Tragic Love Story of the American Appetite

Image attributed to Kevin Uhrmacher/NPR , “A Nation of Meat Eaters” (2012)

Make sure to tune in to KZSU 90.1FM on Thursday, 6-7PM PST, or stream the show live on As always, the show will also be available shortly after on this site and our iTunes podcast.

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Coming Up in S3E7: One Nation, Under Meat: A Tragic Love Story Of the American Appetite

A very wise person at Stanford once explained that changing food habits is a powerful way for an individual to reduce his or her environmental impact, because every single day, three times a day, we sit down to eat. So are there choices you can make every single day, that will make a difference? We sat down with people– a lot of people– students, scholars, and animal rights activists, folks at non-profits, nutritionists and professors from more than one institution, seeking insight into the food system (especially the meat industry) today. We present the results of our roller-coaster ride through the world of meat on Thursday.


Make sure to listen live at 90.1FM if you’re in the Bay Area or online at from 6-7PM PST. Shortly thereafter, we will post the podcast to this site and make it available via our iTunes podcast.

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Coming Up in S3E6: Is the Sustainability Movement an Activist Movement?

The next episode of Green Grid Radio formed out of the observation that many people in northern California are aware of energy and planetary challenges, as well as some solutions. But many young people simply do not fight for the social/environmental issues like college-aged Americans did once upon a time. We will debut the episode, “Is the Sustainability Movement an Activist Movement?” this Thursday evening, which dives into Stanford perspectives on sustainability and how to go about achieving social change in today’s world.

psuA group of Penn State students demonstrate in the 1960s (Attributed to Penn State University Libraries, “Years of Crises: The 1960s,” 2013).

As usual, you can listen live  on 90.1FM in the Bay Area or online at from 6-7PM PST Thursday. We will make the episode available for download from this site or from our iTunes podcast.

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Coming up in S3E5: The Lowest Hanging Fruit is The One in the Landfill

This week on Green Grid Radio we’re bringing you an hour dedicated to the back of your fridge and the bottom of your trash can. Americans eat only sixty percent of the food that we produce each year – the remainder gets tossed somewhere along the path from the field to your table. Food waste is the largest single contributor to our landfills – but it doesn’t have to be. There are so many other options for the food we do not eat.

IMGP6780Plum. Photograph by Diane Wu.

We’ll bring you ideas from our guests Nicole Gaetjens (Stanford student and all around waste warrior), Julie Muir (Community Relations Manager at Peninsula Sanitary Service, Inc and waste industry insider), Dana Gunders (Project Scientist at NRDC and author of this report on food waste), Elena Stamatakos and Mahta Baghoolizadeh (Stanford students and volunteers with the Stanford Project on Hunger).

In our show we’ll visit the kitchen of the Faculty Club and the commercial compost facility where Stanford recycles some of its food waste into compost. Join us on Thursday from 6-7 PM at 90.1 FM or online at to listen live. We’ll also have our episode available online right here shortly afterwards, or you can find it in our iTunes podcast.

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Coming Up in S3E4: Overfished or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying About Cocaine Cowboy Fisheries and Love Catch Shares

Hans Haveman of H&H Fresh Fish. Image attributed to, “Catch of the Day: H&H Fresh Fish,” 2012.

Hello out there. We’ve taken a few weeks off to better prepare for our exciting, upcoming episodes. This Thursday will be the premiere of “Overfished or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying About Cocaine Cowboy Fisheries and Love Catch Shares.” Perhaps more succinctly, we’ll be honing in on the state of fish in our oceans, how things got to where they are, and what kind of management strategies may address the problems. Indeed with this episode, like with our episode on the Sharing Economy, we have jettisoned all obvious links to energy topics, as we continue to broaden our thematic scope for Green Grid Radio.

This week’s program will include many different voices, including folks who study this topic, fishermen, and even average fish consumers. Professor John Lynham of the University of Hawaii gives us the rundown on economics behind the overfishing phenomenon, aquaculture expert Dane Klinger joins us for his perspective, and we even spoke with Hans Haveman of H&H Fresh Fish about being a fisherman in Santa Cruz.

So tune into on Thursday May9th, 2013, from 6-7PM PST at KZSU Stanford 90.1FM or online at The episode will also be available shortly thereafter on our site or in our iTunes podcast.

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Coming up in S3E3: Stanford Energy Week – Live from White Plaza!

This week we’ll have a very special broadcast of Green Grid Radio on Wednesday, April 17th from 12-1pm. Green Grid Radio will be broadcasting live from the Energy Showcase, which is the Stanford Energy Week kick-off event in White Plaza on the Stanford campus.

energy-week-banner-EDITAttributed to Stanford Energy Club (2013).

Not only will we broadcast live, but our booth will be solar powered. We are utterly thrilled to bring our show to the middle of the action, and to demonstrate our environmental commitment at the same time.

Our guest this week is Ms. Debra Dunn of the Stanford We’ll be talking about sustainability, food, and energy broadly in our discussion. Student Sarah Triolo will also join us for the panel conversation. Green Grid Radio will air an encore edition of this special episode during the regular Thursday, April 18th from 6-7pm PST timeslot on KZSU.

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Coming up in S3E2: A Breezy Introduction to the Basics: Wind Energy 101

Wind energy is a relatively mature renewable energy technology that is at the forefront in challenging conventional methods of power generation.  The image of a wind turbine is ubiquitous in representing clean tech (see the header of this very website), but have you ever wondered exactly how those great big turbines actually make electricity? Been curious about how efficient they are? Pondered what might happen when a bunch of bugs get stuck to these turbines?

We have! And so we sat down with Lawrence Livermore National Lab scientist Jeff Mirocha to ask him some questions about the fundamentals of wind energy production. He graciously explained the basics to us, and we’ll be sharing the interview with you on Thursday from 6-7 PM on 90.1 FM and at Aaron Burdick, a student in the Civil and Environmental Engineering department, will join us for a panel discussion afterwards.

Tweet us your questions about Wind Energy Basics @greengridradio or leave them in the comments section on this post and we’ll try to answer them during the show!

S3E1 TurbinesImage attributed to Energy Quest/California Energy Commission, 2013.

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Coming up in S3E1: The Rise of the Sharing Economy

Neal Gorenflo sharing a ride at SXSW 2011.

Welcome back to a new season of Green Grid Radio. Our first episode of season three will focus on The Rise of the Sharing Economy. The sharing economy is a movement that is gaining more and more momentum both here in the U.S. and around the world. In this episode we dig into what the environmental, social and economic benefits are of sharing compared to the current way of meeting our needs through consumption.

The episode features interviews with users of various services in the sharing economy realm: Couchsurfing and the Stanford Free store. You’ll also hear Neal Gorenflo, founder of Shareable and Andy Ruben, co-founder of yerdle talk about their experiences with the sharing economy and why they’re currently dedicating their careers to promoting it.

Tune into KZSU Stanford 90.1FM on Thursday April 4th, 2013, 6-7PM PST or catch the episode in our iTunes podcast.

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Coming up in S2E10: Recap Roundtable with Returning Panelists

As the weather warms up, the vegetation turns green, and the days lengthen, we have reached the start of spring, and therefore, the end of winter. With the end of winter, also comes the end of Green Grid Radio’s second season.

This Thursday, we’ll wrap up the season with interview and panel highlights from throughout the second season. Joining us in the studio will be returning panelists, Andrew Ponec of Stanford GRID Alternatives, Rob Best of the Stanford Solar Decathlon team, Tim Burke of Engineers for a Sustainable World, and Megan Tsai of the Materials Science and Engineering Department. The roundtable recap in Season 1 was one of our best episodes, so make sure to tune in Thursday from 6-7 PM at 90.1FM or for a show filled with goodies!

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Coming up in S2E9: Energy Efficiency Local Rebates and Policies

As Green Grid Radio approaches the end of its second season, we will return to one of the big topics of the second season, energy efficiency. This week, Bill Brittan of  The Green Pro Network joins us to speak about how we might demonstrate the benefits of investing in energy efficiency for homeowners. There exists a wealth of resources and rebates out there, and Green Pro Network encourages folks to claim these rebates. We will also speak a little bit about energy efficiency policies and even indoor air quality. And while energy efficiency isn’t the primary goal of Students for a Sustainable Stanford, we will be joined by Hannah Rich and Hanni Hanson who will speak about varied projects directed toward a greener campus.

So join us on Thursday if you are in the Bay Area by tuning in to 90.1FM  from 6-7 PM (PST). If you want to listen online, you can at Thanks for listening!

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Coming up in S2E8: Reason for Hope: Fitting Biodiversity Conservation into Solar Development Plans

The eighth episode of Green Grid Radio’s second season will be “Reason for Hope: Fitting Biodiversity Conservation into Solar Development Plans,” and will feature Garry George, Renewable Energy Project Director at Audubon California. Garry reviews renewable energy development projects and acts as a voice for wildlife in order to mitigate the harm bird populations suffer as a result of the creation of wind and solar farms in desert lands. Garry will speak with us about solar energy technologies impacting birds, Audubon’s perspective on the Departments of Energy and Interior‘s 2012 plan for solar development on public lands in the west, and how we can create a future in which we don’t have to choose between biodiversity protection and a healthy climate. With the urgent need to transition to renewable energy sources, making sure that we move forward in a way that doesn’t step on the wings of endangered birds in the process is critical. You don’t want to miss this episode!c

Make sure to tune in Thursday to 90.1FM (in the Bay Area) from 6-7 PM (PST) or online at Thanks for listening!

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Coming up in S2E7: A Day in the Life of a Bay Area Environmental Think Tank

It’s easy to get caught up thinking about national energy and environmental policies and programs as the ultimate mechanisms for initiating change. We hyper-analyze every word in Obama’s State of the Union and different groups cry foul, while others proclaim victory. In this media-saturated world we live in, we sometimes forget about many of the promising local changes that are taking place. Volunteers, city governments, and local non-profits are out there making a difference, especially here in the Bay Area. On today’s show, we focus on effective sustainability initiatives  with Dr. Tanja Srebotnjak of the Ecologic Institute, and the episode is titled, “A Day in the Life of a Bay Area Environmental Think Tank”. We’ll also be joined by frequent contributor and panelist, Matt Chalmers.

2012-indicators-cover-231x300Make sure to listen from 6-7 PM (PST) on Thursday! Our regular reminder: we’re on 90.1FM in the Bay Area, or online at Thanks for listening!

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Coming up in S2E6: Ecovillages: Sustainable, Cooperative Lifestyles That Really Work

The sixth episode of Green Grid Radio’s second season will be, “Ecovillages: Sustainable, Cooperative Lifestyles that Really Work,” and will feature Stanford University alum Tony Sirna. Tony lived in Synergy, a co-op house at Stanford, as an undergrad, and after graduating decided to take the principles of community living and implement them in the real world by founding Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage in northeastern Missouri. Dancing Rabbit, now a thriving intentional community of about 70 people, allows members to live ecologically sound lives and provides an example of an alternative way of living as a community. We will also welcome current Stanford students and co-op residents Hannah Rich and Aliza Gazek as panelists on the show, to discuss our interview with Tony and to comment on how cooperative living has impacted their views on sustainability and community.


So tune on in Thursday from 6-7 PM (PST) to 90.1FM in the Bay Area, or online at Thanks for listening!

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Coming up in S2E5: Powerhouse: How Video Games Can Produce Serious Energy Efficiency

The fifth episode of Green Grid Radio’s second season will be, “Powerhouse: How Video Games Can Produce Serious Energy Efficiency,” and will feature Stanford University Department of Communication PhD candidates, James Scarborough and James J. Cummings. The two study how behavioral psychology and social motivations can influence behavioral change, with a specific focus on energy efficiency. Scarborough and Cummings have been involved in the Stanford ARPA-E Initiative project, specifically working on the video game Powerhouse, which is designed to help players and the broader population have fun while learning about energy efficient behaviors in their homes. This is Green Grid Radio’s first episode on energy efficiency, and the first to feature two long-form interviews!


Jim Cummings stopped by the studio to talk about the Powerhouse video game.

Make sure to tune in Thursday to 90.1FM (in the Bay Area) from 6-7 PM (PST) or online at This will be another fantastic episode Thanks for listening!

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Coming up in S2E4: Grid Flexibility: Challenges and Opportunities with Bringing Renewables onto the Grid

This Thursday, make sure to tune in to our fourth episode this season. It is titled, “Grid Flexibility: Challenges and Opportunities with Bringing Renewables onto the Grid,” and will feature Professor Mark O’Malley from the Electricity Research Centre and University College Dublin. Electrical Engineering Professor O’Malley dropped by the studio before his Energy Seminar in January to speak about grid flexibility, what that even means in the first place, and some of the challenges and opportunities with increasing renewables from a grid perspective. We will also be joined by Larsen Plano, a student in Civil & Environmental Engineering who is transitioning into the utility world at Pacific Gas & Electric.

Join us from 6-7 PM (PST) at, or if you live in the SF Bay Area, 90.1FM on the dial. We hope you find it to be a great addition to our episode list. Thanks for listening!

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Coming up in S2E3: Commercial Solar: Communicating Long-Term Benefits in an Immediate World

On January 31st, Green Grid Radio shifts back to focusing on renewable energy and, specifically solar photovoltaics in Northern California. The upcoming episode is titled, “Commercial Solar: Communicating Long-Term Benefits in an Immediate World.” Our guest on the program is Vishvesh Jhaveri, Business Development Associate at local solar company, Silray Inc. We’ll discuss some upcoming Silray PV projects and even how solar policy incentives have made a lot of their work possible.

Silray project for US Coast Guard in Petaluma, CA.

So tune in from 6-7 PM (PST) at 90.1FM on the dial, or at on the tubes for another dense, thought-provoking addition to our catalog. Thanks for listening!

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Coming up in S2E2: Climate Change in the U.S. After Superstorm Sandy, Part II

This Thursday, the second season of Green Grid Radio continues with another perspective on climate change in the United States following Superstorm Sandy. Dr. Jim Salinger, a New Zealand climate scientist and IPCC author is our guest on the program. Salinger will weigh in on the perception of climate change in the United States and the world at large, following the tremendously costly November storm, Sandy. Many topics about climate change will be discussed– such as ways climate change will impact food accessibility in developing countries, to how recent extreme weather events may spur new climate policies. Also returning as a panelist, UC Davis law student Matt Chalmers.

Woman stands in New York street after Sandy. Image attributed to (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

Make sure that Green Grid Radio is a part of your Thursday routine! The show airs 6-7 PM (PST) at 90.1FM (in the Bay Area) or at on the internet.

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Coming up in S2E1: Taking on Climate Change through Education and Grassroots Action

On Thursday January 16th, we’re opening up the second season of Green Grid Radio with another spotlight on Stanford! The show will feature student guests Sara Orton, Alan Propp, and Sophie Harrison. Orton and Propp  have worked on developing a climate change education curriculum in local high schools. Harrison currently leads the Fossil Free Stanford movement to encourage the Board of Trustees to divest from fossil fuel investments.  The panelists are tied together by goals of behavioral change, using bottom-up and grassroots strategies to achieve these ends.


So tune in on Thursday from 6-7 PM (PST) at 90.1FM or for our exciting season 2 premier!

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Coming up in S1E10: Wildlife Challenges and Opportunities with Wind Energy

Our last show of season 1 features Justin Allegro who manages National Wildlife Federation’s Renewable Energy and Wildlife Program. He joins us to talk about the ways in which the Department of Interior is involved in Renewable Energy, how the National Wildlife Federation approaches conservation and energy development projects, and the possible expiration of the Production Tax Credit.

Tune into KZSU Stanford 90.1FM on Tuesday December 18th, 1-2PM PST or listen live at The show is presented by Adam Pearson, Sophia Vo, Kara Fong and Erik Olesund.

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Coming up in S1E9: The Big Season Finale (Dec 11th, 2012 at 1-2PM PST)

On Tuesday December 11 we’re rounding of the first season of Green Grid Radio with a big finale! The show will feature highlights from the first season such as climate change discussions with Rt. Honorable Helen Clark and Philip Duffy, the possibilities stemming from green buildings and solar panels and much more. Some of our favorite guests Rob Best, Andrew Ponec, and Tim Burke are coming back to the studio to provide the voice of the Stanford community. Your hosts, Adam Pearson and Erik Olesund, will tie things together and perhaps give you a sneak peak of what is to come in Season 2. So tune in on Tuesday from 1-2 PM at 90.1FM or for a show filled with goodies!

Season 1 Finale Flyer

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Coming up in S1E8: Climate Change in the US after Superstorm Sandy

In the upcoming episode of Green Grid Radio we are joined by Dr. Phil Duffy of Lawrence Livermore National Labs. He speaks about the increased interest in climate change adaptation and mitigation after super storm Sandy and various political initiatives to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases such as the Clean Air Act and more recently the Climate And Clear Air Coalition launched by Hilary Clinton in February 2012.

Dr. Philip Duffy is a Senior Scientist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Most recently, he was Senior Policy Analyst at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. Prior to his time in Washington, Duffy worked as Chief Scientist at Climate Central, Adjunct Associate Professor at UC Merced. He has also been Director at the University of California Institute for Research on Climate Change and its Societal Impacts and a Visiting Scholar at the Carnegie Institute for Science. He has published dozens of peer-reviewed papers on many components of climate science, atomic physics, water variability, and biodiversity. Dr. Duffy contributed to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The IPCC’s work was recognized with the part of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize. He has a bachelor’s degree from Harvard and a Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Stanford.

Tune in on Tuesday December 4, 1-2PM PST at 90.1FM or at The episode will be made available here at or via our iTunes podcast shortly after the airing.

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Coming up in S1E7: A Solar Rooftop Revolution (Nov 27th, 1-2PM PST)

Our next episode of Green Grid Radio will feature co-founder of Sungevity and longtime environmental activist, Danny Kennedy. Kennedy makes the case for residential photovoltaicsolar energy across the US, explaining the unique Sungevity Remote Solar Design and Solar Lease programs. Also, we spoke a bit about his 2012 book Rooftop Revolution, the King CONG lobbying industry that stands in the way of renewable energy, and to what degree the California Solar Initiative has been effective.

This upcoming episode will also feature the debut of the first “Energy on the Farm” segment, and will premier on Tuesday November 27, 1-2PM PST at 90.1FM or at The episode will be made available here at or via our iTunes podcast shortly after the airing.

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Coming up in S1E6: Right Honorable Helen Clark (Nov 20th, 1-2PM PST)

Our next episode of Green Grid Radio will feature a very special guest: Right Honorable Helen Clark, former Prime Minister of New Zealand and current United Nations Development Programme Administrator. Clark speaks about ways for the developing world to make advances in societal development while simultaneously keeping fossil fuel use down, why there are no current international climate agreements, and what kind of climate impacts we will start seeing over the next few years.

This exclusive interview will air on Tuesday November 20, 1-2PM PST at 90.1FM or at As always the episode will feature a summary of the latest Energy in the News as well as some comments from a panel of Stanford students. The episode will be made available here at or via our iTunes podcast shortly after the airing.

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Coming up in S1E5: Clean Local Energy Accessible Now

In the upcoming episode of Green Grid Radio Craig Lewis, founder and Executive Director of the Clean Coalition, joins us to speak about smart grids, legislation for clean, local, accessible energy, and regulation in favor of distributed generation. The Clean Coalition’s mission is to accelerate the transition to local energy systems through innovative policies and programs that deliver cost-effective renewable energy, strengthen local economies, foster environmental sustainability, and enhance energy security. Active at local, state, and national level, the non-profit influences and promotes policies that can result in a timely transition to clean energy and yielding economic benefits.

As always the episode will feature a summary of the latest Energy in the News as well as some comments from a panel of Stanford students. Tune in on Tuesday November 6, 1-2PM PST at 90.1FM or at The episode will be made available here at or via our iTunes podcast shortly after the airing.

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Coming up: Encore Episode (Oct 30th, 2012: 1-2pm PST)

This week on Green Grid Radio we’ll hold an encore presentation of an earlier episode.

As usual it will air on Tuesday October 30th, 1-2 PM PST on 90.1FM or Make sure to tune in Nov 6th for our next new episode, featuring Craig Lewis of the Clean Coalition. As always, you can listen to previous episodes here or in the Green Grid Radio Podcast on iTunes.

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Coming up in S1E4: Clean Energy in the State of California (Oct 23rd, 2012: 1-2pm PST)

This week on Green Grid Radio, Laura Wisland, a Senior Energy Analyst at the Union of Concerned Scientists stops by the show. Laura analyzes data and public policy to provide state and regulatory agencies with information to implement clean energy laws, including California’s Renewables Portfolio Standard (RPS). Laura wrote a recent report – “The Clean Energy Race: How do California’s Public Utilities Measure Up?” – which investigates how clean energy resources have been developed and supported by California’s publicly-owned utilities.

Wisland is optimistic that California will meet its aggressive greenhouse gas reduction goals designed in the state’s Renewables Portfolio Standard. But in order to reach these goals, we need to improve storage and increase demand response programs, among other strategies. Tune in for more on Tuesday, Oct 23rd at 1pm PST for the fourth episode of Green Grid Radio. And if you haven’t done so yet, follow us on twitter (@greengridradio).


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Coming up in S1E3: Green Buildings, Oil Hegemony, and “Dodo Sapiens” (Oct 16th, 2012: 1-2pm PST)

This week on Green Grid Radio architect Eric Corey Freed join us. Freed is a thought leader, writer, and speaker inviting the public to reassess how much we need the millions of barrels of oil we use and why he needs to ask clients if they want carcinogenic chemicals in their home interior. Freed is well-known for best-seller, Green Building & Remodeling for Dummies, among three other well-received books. The Organic Architect sits on the boards for multiple architecture, sustainability, and green buildings organizations, including West Coast Green. He is a founding member and current Chair of the Coachella Valley branch of the US Green Building Council.

Freed will give us the rundown on green buildings, current technology, and low-energy design, in addition to some humor about our generation’s shortcomings. Listen in Tuesday Oct 16th at 1pm PST for the Green Grid Radio season’s third episode! Watch out for us on twitter (@greengridradio) if you want the latest news and info.


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Coming up in S1E2: Integrating Wind and Variable Resources in a Renewable Power Future (Oct 9th, 2012: 1-2pm PST)


This week on Green Grid Radio we’ll be hosting Professor Mark Z. Jacobson. Jacobson is a major force at Stanford pushing thinkers to reassess how much of the world can be powered by renewable energy (spoiler alert: all of it). Jacobson is a Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Director of the Atmosphere/Energy program, Senior Fellow at the Precourt Institute for Energy, and a Senior Fellow at the Woods Institute for the Environment. Professor Jacobson has published textbooks on air pollution and global warming, as well as atmospheric modeling. Jacobson’s work on energy resources, climate, aerosols, and atmospheric forcing has been published in numerous journals, and recently he worked with activist/actor Mark Ruffalo to publish a Huffington Post column and deliver a google talk in support of his vision for a clean world.

Jacobson’s recent Global Warming and Air Pollution textbook

Jacobson will be speaking a bit about the feasibility of his Wind Water Solar plan, and how variable resources can be effectively incorporated into our grid system. Tune in Tuesday Oct 9th at 1pm PST to listen live to our second episode! As always, keep up with us on twitter (@greengridradio) for show updates and other interesting articles and info.


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Coming up in S1E1: Renewable Energy at Stanford and Beyond (Oct 2nd, 2012: 1-2pm PST)

It is with great pleasure that I announce this update on behalf of the Green Grid Radio team. This Tuesday, Oct 2nd, 2012 from 1-2pm will be the inaugural episode of the show. The topic of the show will be “Renewable Energy at Stanford and Beyond.” We’ll discuss ways that Stanford students are leading projects related to renewable energy and sustainable design. Our guests will be Stanford students Derek Ouyang, Tim Burke, and Rob Best, representing the Stanford Solar Decathlon team and the Stanford chapter of Engineers for a Sustainable World. They will certainly bring a unique perspective to the airwaves when they answer questions about their current projects and broader energy concerns.

Perspective drawing of the Stanford Solar Decathlon house

Schematic from Engineers for a Sustainable World’s current Anam City (Nigeria) project

To stream the show live, tune into KZSU Stanford at 90.1 FM in the San Francisco Bay Area. Alternatively you listen on your computer at kzsulive. Remember to keep checking the Green Grid Radio homepage for an archive of the show, available at a later date. And make sure to follow us on twitter (@greengridradio) for show updates and other interesting articles and info. Tweet at us during the show and we may pose your question to our guests!

Green on,