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Coming up in S1E7: A Solar Rooftop Revolution (Nov 27th, 1-2PM PST)

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Our next episode of Green Grid Radio will feature co-founder of Sungevity and longtime environmental activist, Danny Kennedy. Kennedy makes the case for residential photovoltaicsolar energy across the US, explaining the unique Sungevity Remote Solar Design and Solar Lease programs. Also, we spoke a bit about his 2012 book Rooftop Revolution, the King CONG lobbying industry that stands in the way of renewable energy, and to what degree the California Solar Initiative has been effective.

This upcoming episode will also feature the debut of the first “Energy on the Farm” segment, and will premier on Tuesday November 27, 1-2PM PST at 90.1FM or at The episode will be made available here at or via our iTunes podcast shortly after the airing.

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