Green Grid Radio

Engaging and transformative reporting on the environment, energy, and sustainability


Meet the Green Grid Radio Team!
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The Team: Winter 2014.

L-R Calvin, Diane, Derek, Shara, Mallory, and Lingzhi.

All email addresses are


Adam PearsonFounder – adam@

Hi, my name is Adam. I started Green Grid Radio in 2012 after identifying that there’s a huge disconnect between what the public thinks about the environment and energy, and the research of scientists in those fields. Outside of GGR and school, I enjoy noisy music, art museums, and traveling. I studied Civil & Environmental Engineering student at Stanford and graduated with a master’s degree in Atmosphere/Energy in June 2013.


P1010286 Diane WuManaging Producer – diane@

Green Grid Radio is my first foray into the world of making radio, and I already can’t get enough of it! I am a graduate student researching materials for solar cells of the future.  I love  poorly planned travel, landfill diversion, and coffee breaks in the California sunshine.





Mallory SmithSenior Producer – mallory@

Hi, I’m Mallory, an undergraduate Human Biology major focusing on environmental anthropology. I try to study environmental issues through the lens of economics, politics and social justice, because I don’t believe we can solve environmental problems without taking human society into account. Outside of radio, some things I like include salt water, volleyball, photography, and baby mammals!




P1010261Erik Olesund – Senior Producer – erik@

I’m Erik, KZSU’s Swede, coffee snob and improvisor. At Stanford I study design thinking and how to create huge transformative systematic change around issues related to sustainability and equality (the boring version is a Master’s degree in Management Science and Engineering).






Citlalli Sandoval – Director of Outreach citlalli@

I’m Citlalli, an undergraduate majoring in Earth Systems. I study how humans interact with and impact the environment. Outside of Green Grid Radio I love to kayak, rollerblade, and dabble in the kitchen.






LingzhiP1050259 Jin  – Producer 

Hi, I’m Lingzhi, a Civil & Environmental Engineering grad student, with a focus on Atmosphere/Energy. I joined Green Grid Radio because I feel that science is not an end in itself, but a starting point. I see GGR as a good medium through which we can turn technical work into communications that work for the public. In my spare time, I enjoy playin
g badminton, traveling, doing voluntary work for poor children in developing countries and am crazy about Hayao Miyazaki!



P1050290Shara Tonn – Producer  

Hi, my name is Shara. I’m a Master’s student in Earth Systems, an interdisciplinary environmental science degree, and I am focusing on science communication and education. I joined Green Grid Radio because I want to explore the radio medium and help tell stories about the environment that listeners won’t be able to resist. Besides enjoying hours of podcasts, I love to do improv theater, travel, and learn new languages. Ciao ciao!




The Green Grid Radio Team enjoys Swedish pancakes: Jan 2013.

(L-R Mallory Smith, Citlalli Sandoval, Erik Olesund, Adam Pearson, Darren Handoko)

Green Grid Radio Fall Quarter team photo (left-to-right; Mei Shen, Adam Pearson, Erik Olesund, Kara Fong)

The Team in Dec 2012. (L-R: Mei Shen, Adam Pearson, Erik Olesund, Kara Fong)

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