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Coming up in S2E10: Recap Roundtable with Returning Panelists

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As the weather warms up, the vegetation turns green, and the days lengthen, we have reached the start of spring, and therefore, the end of winter. With the end of winter, also comes the end of Green Grid Radio’s second season.

This Thursday, we’ll wrap up the season with interview and panel highlights from throughout the second season. Joining us in the studio will be returning panelists, Andrew Ponec of Stanford GRID Alternatives, Rob Best of the Stanford Solar Decathlon team, Tim Burke of Engineers for a Sustainable World, and Megan Tsai of the Materials Science and Engineering Department. The roundtable recap in Season 1 was one of our best episodes, so make sure to tune in Thursday from 6-7 PM at 90.1FM or for a show filled with goodies!

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