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Xmas Markets in Berlin (S5 short)

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Happy Festivus from Green Grid Radio!
Recently I was able to produce a short story for NPR Berlin on Xmas markets in Berlin. Exploring local traditions and describing alcoholic beverages in the central European alternative capital, it’s not typical GGR fare. We upload it here as a short bonus podcast to complement the last few episodes we are producing this production season. The version here is an alternative (longer) version to the one posted on the NPR website and originally aired on NPR Berlin.
Green Grid Radio has already entered a period of sporadic production. As the producing team has moved away from campus or on to the next stage in our unique lifelong learning experience (or maybe I should just say “lifelong experience”), we aim to tie up some of the remaining production loose ends and complete new episodes before June.

Neighborhood performers

Neighborhood performers play “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen in Rixdorf Xmas Market

Never afraid to back away from a collaboration, the Green Grid Radio team has already worked directly with the Stanford Storytelling Project and Making Contact. This production one-off with NPR Berlin may be a taste of what this Green Grid Radio platform will look like in the upcoming years. Instead of regular production seasons on KZSU, we will use this website as a platform for posting audio storytelling work by our production team, whether it’s explicitly environmental-related or with a completely different tone.

Rixdorf market overview

Walking through Rixdorf Xmas market

Thank you for your interest and continuing to listen.

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